Infinite Potential Equine Assisted Learning

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning is an innovative and nourishing relational process with horses that supports self-regulation and growth. It is suitable for both adults and children and can be experienced through individual sessions or via workshops.  Equine assisted learning provides a unique opportunity to experience a physical, non-verbal relationship which can offer emotional regulation, connection, grounding and much more all experiences unique organic experience.

Potential Benefits of Equine Assisted Learning

  • Supports clients to regulate, feel resourced, and develop a ‘felt sense’ experience – a self-experience that is deeply connected through the body, emotions and senses.
  • Creates a new and nourishing stability and safety within the body
  • Supports a deep connection to the environment and ability to step into authentic relationships
  • Develops mindfulness and the capacity to recognise cognitive patterns that are unhelpful and further serves to quieten the mind
  • Offers opportunities to be truly heard, seen and valued in relationships
  • Supports feelings and needs to be understood, expressed and released
  • Develops a sense of calmness and resilience

How You Can Experience Equine Assisted Learning in Sydney

IPEAL provide a range of equine Assisted Learning services from shorter individual sessions to full-day workshops. Individual sessions are for 1hr and there is no prior horse knowledge or riding experience required as sessions are conducted on the ground. Workshops run from 1-2 days and cater to a range of health goals from equine meditation to experiences with mind and body balance. Finally, the Children’s Space provide 1hr kid-friendly sessions that can be helpful for issues such as anxiety, stress and communication. To read more about any of these equine Assisted Learning options simply follow the links at the top of the site.

Still not sure if equine Assisted Learning is the right choice for you? View our Testimonials page for real stories from people who decided to try the experience for themselves.

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