I am a qualified Equine Facilitated Learning practitioner and I have been in clinical practice for many years with adults and children. I have a deep love and connection with all animals and nature and bring this to my practice.

My Equine Therapy training brings a Gestalt methodology approach of present moment mindfulness and an experience of here and nowness for clients with horses. It is therapeutic in nature and helps clients discover a deeper sense of what they may be feeling emotionally and somatically through their body while being in contact with the horses. Working this way is especially helpful when working with any anxiety, trauma or other issues.

I have a small herd of miniature horses I therapeutically work with in paddocks. Children and Adults love being around the miniature horses as they tend to be less intimidating than normal size horses, they all have their own individual qualities that evoke, safety, respect, support, grounding, regulation and holding for clients. I love facilitatatiing this work because of the richness and therapeutic value clients experience. Children particularly find the work very engaging.


Horses live in connection with their herd and have a defined place in the herd. Horses can remind us of our inherent need for belonging and place in our community. This resonates with our later developmental life-stage need to give back or fulfil our service for the greater good of all humans and beings.*

Thoughts speak louder than words. Horse sense and respond to thoughts in humans as much as feelings, as they are all reflected in the subtle body and physiological reactions. So horses remind us about the power of our thoughts and focus, and how they can create your experience.

We are reminded of how we need to attend to our assumptions, interpretations and habits of thinking. Negative thinking and focus in the here and now. Unaware thinking patterns have the potential to impact us, those around us and what we create in our lives.

Embodied- horses live in body, senses, energetic waves of feeling.*

Comfortable – with all energetic contact, from gentle and quiet to excitable and vibrant, through to strong assertive contact boundaries.

Horses can model flexibility of contact.