Infinite Potential Equine Assisted Workshops

 2 Day Workshop

The Experience and The Development of Your Being Nature.

We will be working with the herd to create a more embodied connection to ones own being nature.
Creating awareness around relational patterns and contact.
Experience the feeling of being within the body to your own level of awareness .
Creating stronger boundaries .
The experience of connection with the herd.
Creating awareness around unconscious patterns.
Navigating felt sense experience of feelings that are present.

Upcoming dates:
Saturday 1 June and Sunday 2nd June 2019
Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July 2019
Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August 2019
Saturday 28th September and Sunday 29th September 2019
Saturday 19th October and Sunday 20th October 2019
Starting at 9.30 am finish at 4pm.
Held at: 138 Gibbs Road Kenthurst.
We will be working in a small group so limited spaces available.
Call Fifi to book your space. 0433527579

Journey Through Consciousness Workshop

This workshop encompasses moment to moment experiences  and working with you present awareness and consciousness. Welcome to the flow of being and coming into your own unique experience of life. Experiencing working with embodied consciousness and whatever that is holding.

We are open to what experiences the field provides in the moment.
Moving into the unknown and new experiences, through the known perceptions .
1 to 2 day workshop.
$250 a day.

Equine Meditation Workshop

We will be working with mindfulness practices and meditations with the herd.

Exploring our own mind patterns and learning to navigate the mindful experience and how we are all uniquely wired up, and how to work to create a calm, peaceful and silent mind.

Mares Wisdom Workshop.

The Mares Wisdom workshop is working with embodied experiences and processes around deeper innate wisdom within. Mares live in this space of earthed presence of the divine feminine. Mare Wisdom supports you in accessing deeper places of your own being and aspects of yourself.

The Mares Wisdom can bring gifts of chewing over it, learning to be present and the peace of being nourished and deeply peaceful. Also to simply snort it out and sink into holding your own contained embodied experience.

We all have access to this deeper wisdom within ourselves. Come and explore this in a safe, respectful space with our herd.

Mind Body Balance Workshop.

We will be working with what you experience around your mind stream of thoughts and how they impact you experiencing yourself in your embodiment. Experimenting with the horses and being co creative with whatever comes up. Also learning about skills to quieten the mind and bring balance to your inner being. Finding your own unique balance with your mind and body working in harmony.

Workshop Dates:


Duration: 2 Days
Cost: $500
In this workshop we will be:
Working with your present experience of how you relate and what surfaces for you in that.
Identifying patterns and ways we have learnt to relate that have been for your survival. With these patterns you can experience them and decide if they are a hindrance to your experience of life or if they enhance and serve it.
Becoming curious about what is available to you on the other side of the experience. As I have experienced more of my authentic self when I move through patterns, introjects and beliefs.
This work allows you to be brave and feel the feeling that you were unable to process fully in your life and with guidance and support navigate the cycle of experience and somatic process.
To experience a deep relationship within your own being and this in turn impacts all your relationships in life.

Before The Voice In The Head Workshop.

In this workshop we will explore somaticly our experience of ourselves. Within this also experience our connection within to our own being. Moving into the space of possibility of being with ourselves before the mind became active.

What can you imagine life to be like without the voice in the head? Come and explore your Infinite Potential.
2 Day Workshop.
$500 per person.