Animal Healing

Fifi Munro is an experienced distance energetic frequency healer. She has been working with animals in need for almost a decade. During this time she has achieved successful outcomes for her many clients.

Fifi’s healing work helps to clear and remove energetic blocks within each animal’s system, bringing the body into alignment and balance. This enables the body’s innate healing capacity to then function at it’s optimum level.

Fifi has encountered a wide range of health issues amongst the animals she has worked with over the years. From colic, deep wounds, pre-surgery and post-surgery work, broken bones, chronic skin conditions, immune system problems, temperament issues, emotional stressors, breeding issues trauma and toxicity.

Each animal and healing session is unique. Fifi’s process involves working toward creating a more balanced and happy animal friend. This work is very direct and the results are generally seen by the animal’s carers shortly after the treatment.

The Healing Process

Fifi works by energetically connecting with each animal telepathically. She commences each distance healing session by introducing herself to the animal, explaining precisely why she is there and asking permission to proceed.

During distance healing, what has been asked to be addressed in the particular treatment then surfaces within the energetic system. The healing process is organic and unfolds on different levels depending on which areas are being cleared and aligned. This work can speed up the healing process and enhance immune functioning by healing and removing trauma and emotional issues.

Physical injuries and disease can also be worked through, thereby providing correction and support on a cellular level.

In the transition process, Fifi works with the individual animal by guiding and supporting the animal’s soul to move smoothly back to spirit. This work helps to clear the animal’s ties to their physical and emotional bodies and can assist clearing the energy of what they have taken on in this lifetime.

Fifi can also help facilitate more effective communication between an animal and their human. She works as a messenger by helping people to understand what their animals are trying to express.

Consultation: $90

Animal Healing Testimonials

Companion: Cheers Jane WA

Oscar was very relaxed both during and after your sessions with him and was a lot more like his old self in the following days. More zip and zing than we’d seen for a while and much happier in his skin and his interactions with us. Both George and I really appreciated the fact that you were able to connect with Oscar so quickly given how worried we were about him when he went downhill so rapidly.

Companion: Cheers Jane WAAnimal: Oscar
Companion: Jane W.A.

“Oscar came for healing after suffering two physical traumas: A punctured testicle after getting beaten up by the neighbour’s Great Dane which ended up with him being desexed . An operation for a bowel obstruction which left him fighting for Survival for a week. Both accidents happened within 12 months of each other and after them, Oscar didn’t have his usual joie de vivre. He seemed quiet and withdrawn and his eyes didn’t sparkle like they usually did. After 2 treatments, Oscar was much more like his usually bouncy self. His eyes were noticeably brighter, and he seemed more at one with the life when we went on our daily walks. We had a massive thunderstorm here a while back and I noticed that Oscar was a lot more relaxed about it. Usually he’s trying to crawl under the couch, my bed or anything to hide himself, and he didn’t do that at all which was great.” Oscar has had yet another trip to the vet this weekend. This time with some sort of poisoning. We think it may have been a sea hare which are very prevalent here on the beaches during summer. It is very late in the season for them and I’m always very careful about looking for them on the beach. Anyway – the symptoms are similar to strychnine poisoning, so the poor little fella while being bright enough in himself was suffering uncontrollable trembling and fitting (neuro-toxicity). The vet had him on an IV drip for a day or so, he had diazapan to calm the tremors and when he got agitated, she whacked a dose of barbituates into him as well. Even heavily sedated he was quite distressed and howled when I went to visit him. He is home now, but very slow and still a bit wobbly on his legs. The vet on call this morning said that the only potential long term effect could be liver damage. If you could please do another session with him, I’d be most grateful. The poor little bloke has been through the wars in the last 18 months but you have certainly helped him get over the worst of it. And I’m sure you can help him this time around as well. After treatment Oscars legs had stopped wobbling and he was more himself and had a sparkle in his eye and bouncy. There was a lot of toxins removed from his system and work done on healing his nervous system and releasing any trauma the body was holding. Oscar is doing very well – it was amazing how quickly he perked up after he came home and had those two sessions with you. His whole demeanour changed and he is once again a very happy, energetic dog. His god parents saw him after the first session you had with him and they remarked on how fit, healthy and at one with the universe he was. Not bad for a pooch who had a 50% chance of survival only four days prior! Your work is truly amazing … Now all we need to work on is how to keep him out of trouble and away from the vet!

Companion: Jane W.A.Animal: Oscar
Companion: Bill –W.A.

Hamish has had treatments with Fifi over the past year for varying issues. Here is a few of them.

Hamish had developed the habit of jumping up on people and mouthing their arms, which could be seen as trying to bite people. After 1 treatment the behaviour stopped and had 1 more and he was more calm and listened to commands and he no longer jumps and mouths people which his carers are very happy about.

Hamish also had pre and post surgery treatments for the removal of lumps on his hind legs. He has in the past had issues and not positive results when anesthetized. All went smoothly with the surgery and Hamish recovered without any trauma or infection, which he had been prone to.

This was request for post surgery treatment.

Hamish needs a session. He has popped three stitches and the surgery wound has not healed so he has a gaping hole in the middle of the incision area. We had him back to the vets yesterday so they could check it out and they said not to worry too much about it but he is uncomfortable and does not like that it oozes and he feels that he has to lick/clean up any areas of ooze – which he does not – so I think this is causing him some pain and certainly some uncomfortableness (if that is a real word!!!) and I (as usual) am paranoid about it getting infected and then making him sick yata, yata, yata – so if you could do your thing with him and encourage some fast healing that would be great – otherwise he is really good – really grounded and present .

Hamish had treatment for stomoch spasms and being very flat and unwell.He is normally living life at 110%, wobble on his feet having trouble walking.
Day after treatment Hamish was back to 110% functioning.He went into a deep sleep after treatment.

Companion: Bill –W.A.Animal: Hamish
Companion: Judy and Tom- Sydney

Thanks so much for helping Tom recover from the trauma of his recent surgery. It was a penetrating injury that was potentially life threatening and he was in a lot of pain. He was very brave going into surgery but being under general, hoisted on to the table and waking up alone in a strange place was all fairly traumatic. The day I brought him home you conducted a healing to help his energy unblock and deal with the trauma. He was pretty excited to be home and I was concerned about his memories of what he had been through and wanted him to feel calm enough to deal with the situation and the long road to recovery. He was very, very calm and peaceful that afternoon, during and after the session– even the person who owns the property where he lives commented on it – she did not know he had had the healing. You made some pertinent comments about his past trauma from the racing industry – I had not given you information about his past – and he certainly seemed very much more content in the next couple of days. So far he is healing well. I enjoyed the calmness and centred , grounded feeling I experienced when I had a session with you a few days later. I definitely felt the energy shift in my body and have felt more integrated since.
Many , many thanks Fifi – we will certainly engage you again and recommend you to others.

Companion: Judy and Tom- SydneyAnimal: Tom
Companion: Jo-Anne NSW

I just wanted to say thank you for the healing work you have done with my four cats. All four cats are very different in character with very different issues. After your healing session with each cat I noticed a change in the mannerisms and behaviour. The cat with the bullying issues has become much kinder to the other cats and more responsive to us, the angry cat has become loving and even jumped into my arms while talking to you on the telephone after his session, the frightened cat has become bolder with the other cats and more loving and trusting of us humans, the cat in limbo has become more sure of herself and even happier in herself.

Thank you again for the work you have done for us. I don’t understand how you do your wonderful work but it certainly has made a difference to the cats in my life.

Thank you

Companion: Jo-Anne NSWAnimal: Tara, Tiffany, Molly, Madiba

I contacted Fifi after learning that my little dog Missy had lymphoma and probably had only a month or so to live. Missy had come from an abusive past and I wanted her to feel at peace when her time came to leave. Missy had a few sessions with Fifi and I felt Missy was calmer and happier after each session. When Missy died she seemed very peaceful and ready to go, and I think Missy’s sessions with Fifi could well have assisted Missy with moving on peacefully from the world. Through contacting Fifi I felt I had done something to help Missy, and I was really happy to be able to do that.

Companion: Animal: Missy
Companion: Jo-Anne NSW

I really hope you can help me to help my cats find peace in our household. I just want them to be happy and get along

Thank you again for your work. I just wanted to provide you with a quick update. As I mentioned on the telephone, after your work was completed Madiba walked towards me and I picked him up and we cuddled for ages. His purr was the loudest I’ve ever heard. This of itself is out of character for him. In addition, since then his behaviour around the other cats has been significantly different. I’ve even seen him play fighting and he’s standing his ground a lot more. I’m thoroughly enjoying having a more confident cat.

Thank you again!

He’s going great. He’s standing up for himself and paying more attention to me. I’m getting more purrs and cuddles. The change in him is noticeable and significant.

Companion: Jo-Anne NSWAnimal: Madiba
Companion: Kim N.S.W

The two main issues that Burleigh is dealing with at the moment are the arthritis in his front right leg and the high levels of anxiety that he experiences while on lead outside the home environment. This anxiety often progresses to aggression. These are our two target concerns. After his first treatment Burleigh has been quieter, responding better to training and lead work. Not barking and running at the door when he hears someone. The neighbours asked if he has been away as they hadn’t heard him barking at the mailman. The next treatment is to follow up on his issues. Result from second treatment are…. Things seem to be progressing well with Burleigh. He seems a lot calmer and is becoming more manageable on walks. Was in kennels for a few days and owners said he was very calm and behaved, no stress in new environment. Burleigh’s 3rd treatment.. Hi Fifi Things seem to be going really well with Burleigh. He seems a lot more calm and peaceful. On his walk he is still getting a little anxious but he seems to be coming out of his panicked state a lot quicker. They also seemed to have lessened in intensity which is making him a much nicer dog to walk. We would like you to do another treatment with Burleigh. Thanks heaps for your great work. After next treatment.. Big breakthrough, Burleigh made it to the front door and just sat there and wagged his tail when a friend visited. She got from the gate across the property to front door without Burleigh having any reaction. Also saw specialist for degenerative condition in right front leg for arthritis. His right leg hadn’t gotten any worse, so didn’t need Cartrophen injection. His spine and back legs a lot better. Told to keep doing whatever we had been doing Burleigh is also now instigating play with other family dog, he never did this. He would wait for the other dog to say let’s play.

Hi Fifi, Well you are a miracle worker as Burleigh has been like a different dog since Tuesday. He has wanted to play ball, hang out with the rest of the family and go for short walks. He does not seem depressed at all and is spending hardly any time in bed. We are really happy with the results. As promised here is a little bit of detail about the injury he sustained. In early July we were staying at a pet friendly house in Brisbane. Unfortunately, Burleigh was running around in the backyard and fell down a deep hole. We knew straight away he had sustained a serious injury because his right rear leg was just hanging .When we took him to the vet we were told that he had dislocated his hip. The hip joint was out of the socket by several centimetres. The vet then put him under and put the hip back into place. The vet did warn us that this procedure isn’t always successful and they were right. The hip came out the following day. So Burleigh went back to the vets and had the same procedure all over again to put the hip back in place. Unfortunately as we were leaving the vets, the hip came out a third time and it was decided that he should have surgery. Which he did the following week. In the operation, they cut the ball off the hip joint and placed it back in the socket and scar tissue forms around the hip joint and holds it in place. The vet said that most dogs that have this surgery are back to normal and running around within a month. Unfortunately, for Burleigh this has not been the case. Hence the reason he has been a sad little man until last Tuesday after your session with him. I look forward to having you work with him on Tuesday.

Companion: Kim N.S.WAnimal: Burleigh
Companion: Bill W.A.

“Lucy has had treatments for constipation, lethargic, swollen lymph nodes, fluid in back legs, stiffness in hips out of wack and flat in herself and eye infection. Lucy would like another session to continue the work she has been having. The vet rang today and her lymphatic system is all good with nothing nasty present (yeah ) and I told her that she is all good so we thought that we would not have to follow up on the thyroid stuff just yet thanks to your work. So if you could do more work on the thyroid area if needed to make sure that is all good that would be good. Lucy had 2 surgeries to remove lumps on her body. They were mast cells and kept coming back. Also has inflammation of spine and hips. After first treatment: Lucy is brighter in her eyes, moving more freely and huge difference in whole temperament Lucy is much better after her treatment on Friday thanks. Hopefully she’ll have less toxins/gunk in her when you do today’s session. After next treatment Lucy has a spring in her step and we have found no more lumps, a happy dog.

Companion: Bill W.A.Animal: Lucy

After you worked on Nelson I found that he was more trusting on the road. He is lovely and relaxed and I will be asking you to do more on him if I feel the need for it. Thank you for what you have done for him already. Love Verena.

Companion: Verena - VICAnimal: Nelson
Companion: Ros–VIC

“Highly sensitive, Maggie was shaking after a confronting experience for her and did not seem to be recovering. After one session with Fifi, Maggie was brighter and back to an even more improved version of her normal self. We are blessed that our special dog could have this work done, because it is clear how many blockages have been removed in Maggie since the session. At 5 years old Maggie was still clingy and seemed to suffer mild separation anxiety and we had grown to accept this as part of her personality. However after Maggie’s session with Fifi she seemed much healthier in this regard. The trauma of Maggie’s start in the world, (she was a four week old puppy dumped by a puppy farm), had clearly been travelling with her. I am sorry that it took a separate incident all together to submit maggie for a session as the session clearly helped with all these aspects of her nature. Welcome back Maggie!”

Companion: Ros–VICAnimal: Maggie
Companion: Fiona - W.A.

I am writing to you to say thank you for all the work that you did with Lenny the Wonder Horse. As you will recall previous to your treatment he was not a happy camper in fact he had been described as being nasty. We knew that this was not his fault and this was not who he truly was. There were times when he was lovely but as a result of mistreatment from previous owners he certainly had a lot of hang ups. I was unable to go into the stable with him without him putting his ears back and lunging at me – let alone trying to change his rugs in there. He was unreliable at shows and quite frankly he was petrified. I recall one show where I could feel his heart beating through the saddle he was that frightened. He would buck and sometimes rear whenever he got a fright at shows. This was so bad that my instructor Pippa Glynn rode him for the last show season. Sometimes this behaviour started even before we got him to a show. When we first got him he would strike out when leading him into the float and was a nervous horse to float. He was difficult to catch and did not want any attention from me or most other humans. He did not like to be touched and always appeared to be on the defensive with us.

When I read your ad in Horsedeals I knew straight away that your treatment was something that we should try (at this stage anything was worth a try!!). I knew that emotionally he was highly strung and I could do things to change his environment but I knew that there was not much I could to help him with this thinking, fears and being brave. I had him on a Manners powder (daily) and this helped in that he did settle enough to be able to handle him safely especially in the stable.

We noticed a change with him following his first treatment with you. He appeared to be calmer and was starting to let down his emotional barriers especially when being touched. After the second and third treatment it was like we had a different horse living with us. He was becoming more cuddly and most importantly he seemed to be happier within himself. By the time he had completed his last treatment he has become a horse that enjoys human contact and one that is easy to manage in the stable (no more lunging at us or kicking at us when we are doing his rugs). He is no longer on Manners and is a delight to have around the stable. I never would have though that he would be a horse that enjoys human contact. He now freely comes up to us in the paddock for a pat and a cuddle. I look forward to the show season next year when I can get him out and see how much he has improved.

We thankyou sincerely for all your advice, strategies and the intuitive work that you did with Lenny (and with us). Most of all we thank you for helping Lenny – he is now a horse that who is truly happy in his own skin. I now look forward to having Lenny out next show season.


After my moment of stress yesterday I went home and as is usual practice these days we redressed Lenny’s leg. When we took the bandage off we were truly amazed at the change in the wound. For the first time it was not weepy, it did not bleed and it actually looked like it was starting to heal!!!!


Your work is amazing – the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday is mind blowing – and this is all following your work – because it actually looked worse after the struggle we had with him on Tuesday. You are right that I have to trust Lenny and let him work out what he needs! After your intervention he has certainly worked out how to heal himself very quickly. It looked so clean and healthy and not gorey at all (as it looked even with all the interventions and treatments).

I went inside and I was going to ring you to let you know but it was 10pm your time and I was not sure if it was too late to call you. You are amazing – thanks for helping Lenny.

Companion: Fiona - W.A.Animal: Lenny
Companion: Craig – N.S.W.

For Luna:
After your work with her, Luna feels softer, calmer and ‘lighter’. She is working through her issues, and still shows signs of them, but i feel she is on the right path.

For Gorgeous:
On my request you asked Gorgeous is any of the girls were pregnant, you made contact and recieved that none were pregnant and that Gorgeous had told me repeatedly but i hadnt listened lol.

Companion: Craig – N.S.W.Animal: Gorgeous and Luna
Companion: Annie

Bella, my little dachshund was a little bundle of joy. She loved to dance, swim, hunt and cuddle up to her beloved brother Diesel and myself on the couch. Life was one glorious adventure.

Suddenly she began to age very quickly and it was discovered she had advanced liver cancer.

Fifi was amazing, she helped Bella pass over and connect with her lineage and her inherent joy.
This eased the pain for Diesel and myself knowing she was safe and happy and getting ready for another great adventure.
I would not hesitate to recommend Fifi to anyone who has concerns with their animals.
Her gift to both animals and humans is an extraordinary blessing in this day and age.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Fifi, Annie and Diesel Victoria.

Companion: AnniePet; Bella
Shelley USA

Fifi did this amazing healing at the RDA centre. A horse they were wondering about. Fifi brought forward the message that he wants

out of his pain filled body. She new nothing about this horse or that they had been thinking about his life ending. This was a piece of

work I will never forget. The gift to the center the staff and the clients who were there to witness this miracle.

Thank you Fifi you are a gifted horse whisperer.

Shelley USA
Bec and Kevin NSW

Wilbur,a much adored Corgi cross joined our family after being found abandoned in a national park. During the initial weeks of adjustment we would daily come home to a path of destruction, items removed from bookshelves or wardrobes chewed then littered through the house. Arriving home meant being met with a stressed and whimpering puppy, suffering separation anxiety rooted in his having been abandoned or lost by his previous owner.

We approached animal intervention with some skepticism but a nothing to lose attitude and have been astounded at the results. Fifi responded promptly to our enquiry and arranged a one hour distance intervention a few days following. Following his session Wilbur was much more relaxed, in our case we choose a second healing session at Fifi’s suggestion as she uncovered deep anxiety in him related to his earlier abandonment. We continue to be met at the door by Wilbur but now have a companion simply keen to play ball, go for a walk or cuddle on the sofa with Game of Thrones, and no longer is our bookshelf scattered and half chewed across the dining room floor.

Concurrently Fifi also ran healing sessions for each of our two more mature and dignified half main-coon cats. Chocolate &Caramel had also been abandoned as kittens and retain some mild anxiety issues. This was much acerbated when Wilbur moved in, with both our boys being distant, refusing to join us on the couch the way the previously had and in the case of Caramel, at one point running away from home leaving us anxious for his safety! Fifi connected with them each separately and was able to heal their anxiety and assure them they remained treasured part of our family. Since their sessions they have returned to old selves. No longer terrified of Wilbur they also join us on the couch for latest GOT installment.

Initially,we were apprehensive of the effectiveness of a less scientifically proven approach,however the result has been outstanding and brought much relief and harmony to our home. Our vet had suggested a pet psychologist at a much inflated cost that we doubt would have been able to achieve the same results.We have no hesitation in recommending.

Bec and Kevin NSW
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