Soul Retrieval

2Living with Soul Loss can feel like you are experiencing difficulty being present in your body. You may feel numb, apathetic and depressed.

Soul loss can affect your immune system and its ability to function at an optimum level.

Other symptoms of soul loss can be seen in the struggle with forms of addiction including drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

The death of a loved one, or the trauma of divorce can also cause that part of the soul to experience profound loss.



Our sense of wholeness comes from within, so when we notice ourselves trying to fill the internal void with external things, we can be feeling the loss of a part of our soul.

Physical trauma such as surgery or accidents can be events that we haven’t fully moved through and we find our soul leaving in order to manage the experience.

The shamanic practice of soul retrieval involves me journeying to non-ordinary realities and levels of non-ordinary reality with support and guidance of power animals and beings who work with me.



This process unfolds and with my experience in this realm has been very powerful work and resonates strongly with clients when their soul part is returned. This work is all done in person.

If you wish to experience Soul Retrieval, book a session or would like further information on the process, please contact Fifi.

Shamanism is a way of accessing spiritual guidance that dates back tens of thousands of years and is practiced all over the world. The term Shaman is defined as “one who sees in the dark” and is commonly believed to be derived from the ancient Tungus people from Siberia.
3-180x180A Shaman is a person who enters an altered state of consciousness and travels outside time and space into non-ordinary reality. In non-ordinary reality a shaman can meet spirit guides, beings, power animals or teachers in human form and can ask for healing help or divine information.

A shaman is a person who is called to a healing path. A shaman’s role is to heal both the living and the dead. Shaman work with the spiritual aspects of illness, this healing can be used in conjunction with psychological and medical modalities.

Soul loss occurs as a survival mechanism and occurs because the body’s psyche or being could not survive the pain of the experience while remaining fully present in the body.


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