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We work with the tapestry of your life. Based in Kenthurst, Sydney, we specialise in the art of reweaving your life’s tapestry, in the threads of past experiences that have created holes in your present life and beliefs that no longer serve you. Navigating the felt sense experience through EAL (equine assisted learning) will allow change to happen with Fifi and the herds professional support and guidance. Our programs in Kenthurst can bring you into new experiences and create awareness.

Our Kenthurst paddocks are just 45 minutes from Sydney. Co create your life’s tapestry with our EAL to move into the fullness of your being and the wholeness of your human experience.

  • We work in individual session for adults.
  • What you will get from this work ?
  • You will access more of yourself. 
  • Clear emotions that you have been stuck in. 
  • Develop more awareness, relational skills, social skills. 
  • Create more connected within yourself and to life.


Upon arrival in Kenthurst you will need to read and sign the agreement to participate form and the client intake form with your details. If being driven here the driver can wait in the car or come back in an hour. It is not an observer practice. You will be given a safety guidelines for being with horses.

You will have a space to sit with Fifi and share what your present to before going into sharing experiences/ experiments with the horses that supports your equine assisted Learning.


Experience and The Development of Your Being Nature.
We will be working with the herd in the northern Sydney suburb of Kenthurst to create an embodied Equine Assisted Learning experience to your own being nature.

Creating awareness around relational patterns and contact.
Experience the feeling of being within the body to your own level of awareness through equine assisted learning.
Creating stronger boundaries.
The experience of connection with the herd.

What is EAL?

Equine-Assisted Learning: Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is a type of equine-assisted activity that broadly refers to non-therapy, skills-based services that focus on teaching life skills, social skills, communication skills, relationship skills, or leadership skills while facilitating personal growth and increased self-awareness through non-mounted interactions with horses. Services are EAL providers may teach horsemanship skills, Providers practice using a variety of approaches or theoretical beliefs.

Learning: The process of gaining knowledge or skills, synthesizing information, or altering behaviors. Learning is not limited to academic (or educational) settings and can occur anywhere. It also can be differentiated from education as it does not require a formal assessment process. Lief Hallburg.

EAL works together with existing therapies.




As an occupational therapist supporting occupational engagement for a sibling pair that have experienced significant childhood adversities, within a family context of generational trauma, there are many complex considerations to support.

I initially reached out to Infinite Potential for Equine Assisted Learning because I was looking for something that didn’t rely on words or interactions with humans, that would allow personal exploration of pleasant experiences, learn to notice and understand their body feelings, and explore social regulation in a safe and predictable space.

After almost 12 months of access to Equine Assisted Learning, both children are more confident, expressive, joyful, and have a greater range of emotional expression. They are now exploring their human relationships and expressing their joys and struggles. They are both accepting developmentally appropriate challenge and responsibilities, are less reactive and are more accepting of relational repair when it is needed.

Working collaboratively with Fifi has enabled us to work on common goals towards regulation and engagement, whilst having complimentary individual therapeutic goals. I can not speak highly enough of Equine Assisted Learning and the work that Fifi does.

I recently had the opportunity to be involved with what to me was a new therapeutic method called Equine Assisted Learning . I happened to stumbled over this therapy after hours of googling and googling (as parents do) after our 6 year old son, had been diagnosed with quite a few issues and was at the time suffering from several stress related disorders including anxiety,  OCD (confessional), emotional concerns and he was also being bullied which at the time he couldn’t identify. The ‘professionals’ had recommended we medicate him, something that my husband and I didn’t want to do at this time.

At first my husband and I were very skeptical, but after a little bit of research we decided to give it a try, our thoughts were if it helps great, if not at least we tried, right?

So off we went to meet Fifi. Upon arriving that day, I noticed how peaceful the setting was. I saw two horses in a fence area of the barn and after meeting Fifi I knew we could work together, Fifi was warm, caring, understanding and my son was so at ease he didn’t want to leave.

Over  the coming weeks and months my son and the horses got to know each other and worked together amazingly, when we 1st started my son was a nervous, anxious and emotional little person, who I can report today is a totally different child, he has lots of friends now, enjoys school, is calm, less sensitive, thinks he is a comedian and has the attitude that he can do anything he applies himself too, he is a new person, all without medication!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Fifi to you and your families, it may not be for you, but just what if it is and what if it works, like it did for my family?

Melaine, Sydney

Working with Fifi and the herd of horses has been a life changing experience, every session has been a time where I can gently look in to my inner and outer life and find clarity and truth. The process was profound and at the same time simple as I was given the space to heal and reflect in my own way.

Michael NSW

Working with Fifi & the horses over the past 2 months has changed my life immensely. From the moment i met them they respected my boundaries, pain & needs in the most non judgmental & respectful way.

I use to fill my emptiness with addictions that are no longer present since applying myself to the therapy Fifi & the horses offer. They have helped guide me into being able to accept, love & feel connected with who i am.

The horses (Majestic Swan, Jess, BJ, Pasquale) have individually supported me in there own unique way. It’s incredible how intuitive they are & affectionate (once i let my guard down)
The more aware i became with in myself the easier it was to allow the horses to not only support me by their body language but also from their touch. Eventually i could hug Jess, allow her nose to be resting gently on my cheek, her head to rub my back.. it’s just a phenomenal experince.

Fifi did not leave my side through out the encounters but also gave me the space i needed to be able to connect. I felt completely safe with every encounter knowing Fifi was there to support & guide me with her wisdom. There are not enough words to describe how amazing & life changing this is.

My utmost respect & gratitude to you Fifi.. Thank you!

Hayley, NSW.

Having experienced various “traditional” forms of therapy before, I had always been very curious about Equine Therapy.

I knew after a minute into the conversation with Fifi that I was meant to find Fifi and finally try this equine therapy id always wondered about.

I would have to say it was the most profound hour ive ever spent in a “session”.
Being out in the open, and beside the beautiful horses and the genuine, calming influence of Fifi i walk away from each session on a high. (apart from wishing i could stay there!)

There is something about the energy of the horses beside you while you are working through some at times, heavy “stuff” that feels very safe. Its like they are holding you with their hearts letting you know its going to be ok.

The best part for me is you can’t dodge anything, the horses show up what is going on for you exactly when its time to work through it.
A huge thank you to Fifi, i now love Monday’s!

Danni, Sydney



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