About The Facilitator and The Herd.
Fifi Munro EAL Practitioner.

I have a deep love and connection with all animals and nature and bring this to my practice.My training brings a gestalt methodology approach of present moment mindfulness and an experience of the here and nowness for clients with horses. It is therapeutic in nature and helps clients discover a deeper sense of what they maybe feeling emotionally and somatically through their body while being in contact with the horses. Working in this way is especially helpful when working with any anxiety, trauma or other issues.

Certified Practitioner in the Equine Psychotherapy Institute Foundation training in Equine Assisted Learning and I have completed the advanced working with trauma training at the Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

Center Of Excellence Diploma Of Equine Psychology.

Gestalt Therapy Diploma, The Center Of Excellence.

Working with Addiction 1 & II Advanced Model Intensive , Equine Psychotherapy Institute.

Neuroplastity Diploma The Center of Excellence.

Jungian Shadow Therapy Diploma, The Center Of Excellence.

Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma,The Center Of Excellence.

Rose moon
Miniature Horse Black Pinto Mare

Miniature Horse Buckskin Overon Geilding

Miniature American Horse, Palomino Mare

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