Finding your Center

This workshop is for people who understand the importance of feelings but don’t have the time to drop deeper into themselves and would benefit from guidance to do so.

It’s for those that live busy and stressed lives and want more calm and centeredness in their experience. It is for those that wish to create deeper connections within themselves which benefit all areas of life.

The benefits of this workshop are:

  • Learn to become more grounded and amplify your emotional intelligence.
  • For you to have the tools to drop into yourself and know them well enough to pass the life-changing tools onto your loved ones.
  • Experience a stronger connection with yourself and to what you truly value.

There is no substitute for an experience that fully connects you to the present moment – The workshop is designed to be experiential to allow you to connect deeply with your being.

During the day we will be working in the following areas:

Emotional Regulation: in working through our present awareness with the herd to create more contact within ourselves and the environment. Enabling you to become more relaxed and calm.

Grounding: To offer ourselves a deeper experience of being connected to our legs and feet and support to be in the present moment in a way that is safe and inside our
comfort level.

Presence: in presence we can notice our habitual mind patterns and ways of being that are not in the here and now but from our history. Becoming aware of these can
support to create awareness in ourselves and enable us to be more conscious.

The horses have many offerings for growth and learning in the field. We work in an organic way that supports growth and change in the present moment.

As a result of this workshop:

  • You will leave with more clarity and emotional intelligence.
  • You will have the tools to be able to navigate yourself back to your Center.
  • You will feel more confident in being able to live a values aligned life that’s meaningful to you.

The price is $350 per person

The workshop starts at 10 am and finishes at 3 pm.
Lunch will be provided and refreshments.
Minimum of 3 people required and a maximum of 6.

Contact Fifi to discuss your requirements:

Equine Assisted Learning Workshops in Kenthurst, Sydney

2 Day Workshop

The Experience and The Development of Your Being Nature.

Infinite potential equine assisted learning offers professional and targeted equine assisted learning workshops for adults and teenagers. We will be working with the herd to create a more embodied connection to one’s own being nature.

We help you creating awareness around relational patterns and contact.

Experience the feeling of being within the body to your own level of awareness. Our equine assisted learning workshops offer a structured plan to facilitate personal growth through interacting with horses.  Our workshops also help you understand unconscious patterns and help Navigate felt sense experience of feelings that are present.


Equine Meditation Workshop

We will be working to develop the ability to
Rise above thinking. With the support of Fifi and the herd , learning skills to experience Stillness and your connection to being consciousness.

Horses when in a herd mindset can stop thinking and have one member think for the herd. They lose there personality, as we too can lose our mind based identity, which is based on the past so it’s beneficial for this to occur. Enabling an experience of deeper connection to being and that which all life arises from.


Mares Wisdom Workshop.

The Mares Wisdom workshop is working with embodied experiences and processes around deeper innate wisdom within. This equine assisted learning workshop focuses on supporting the foundation of your own self-awareness. Mares live in this space of earthed presence of the divine feminine. Mare Wisdom supports you in accessing deeper places of your own being and aspects of yourself.

The Mares Wisdom can bring gifts of chewing over it, learning to be present and the peace of being nourished and deeply peaceful. Also to simply snort it out and sink into holding your own contained embodied experience.

We all have access to this deeper wisdom within ourselves. Come and explore this in a safe, respectful space with our herd.

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